The Witch And Other Tales Re-Told

The Witch And Other Tales Re-Toldimage
Jean Thompson

I’m really into the concept of re-telling classic fairy tales in a modern voice and fresh outlook. Seems to be the current craze, I have had the pleasure of reading a few novellas accomplishing this challenging task. Thompson does a great job pulling this off in The Witch And Other Tales Re-Told. A wonderful version of her interpretation of classic tales all with a quasi edge, plenty of creepiness, some humor all cleverly written with an avant guard thread. Included in Thompson’s version you will discover a spin off of Hansel & Gretel, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, The Pied Piper, Bluebeard and a few drawn from Rapunzel.

The Witch And Other Tales Re-Told causes a fright, a laugh or two, and will engage the reader in thought. A few of the tales are recognizable from the start, a few you’re left to decipher on your own, adding to the fun – personally I find any aspect INVOLVING the reader welcomed.

I will refrain from describing too much of the stories, don’t want to diminish your reading journey. I will say, I enjoyed all the stories but two I found especially appealing, The Witch – a take on Hansel & Gretel with foster care children at the center. Pretty powerful interpretation with poignant themes. My other favorite, The Curse – a Rapunzel vibe with a dark ending, you knew it was inevitable but the impact was powerful.

A lover of short stories I completely enjoyed this collection. Thompson’s interpretation was clever, ingenious and well presented. Full of imagination, morality, unique scenarios merging to establish modern twists causing a unexpected eerie journey in just the right dosage.

Releasing the later part of September (September 25, 2014)  worth adding to your TBR. Thompson demonstrates a skillful and inventive presence, high probability you won’t be disappointed.

▪︎Expected publication: September 25th 2014 by Blue Rider Press
▪︎272 Pages
▪︎ISBN13: 9780399170584
A copy was provided in exchange for and honest review

Recommendation: 3/5


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