Then and Always

Then and Alwaysimage
Dani Atkins

Rachel’s life is perfect. A handsome boyfriend, great friends and the prospect of starting at university in a few weeks means she’s never been happier. But in a single heartbeat her world falls apart forever.

What a heartfelt, affecting story of love. Beautifully written, a story and its characters leaving you lost in thought for quite a while. I found this book to be very memorable.

Friendships and relationships were thoroughly explored. Rachel faced much strife all with plausibility.

The undeniable depth of LOVE this story presents is beyond touching, it is downright beautiful and YOU will be openly weeping without a doubt. You will experience love through the stunning prose and characters Atkins magically and deftly weaves.

I won’t comment extensively on the plot, if I did I might reveal too much, you’ll want to read every word yourself along with riding the emotions you cannot deny. Jimmy will steal your heart. Atkins scores high in characterization. Purely character driven – THIS holds your attention creating an engrossing read.

A romance story with some predictability which didn’t interfere with the whopper ending at all. Full of passion, have your tissues close by, you will need them, certain parts will leave you heartbroken and stricken with tears.


Then and Always – a story I will never forget. Atkins outdid herself, impressive on all levels.

Recommendation: 4/5


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