Althea & Oliver by Cristina Moracho

imageAlthea and Oliver are engaging characters, opposites, both have a strong presence, however the lack of development mars their potential. They are entertaining but lackluster, somewhat dull with a powerful narrative suffering endless hiccups. The reader will stall, too slow of a pace to really hook the perusers complete attention and interest. As you continue along with the story a dullness emits and stubbornly stays throughout.

Moracho deserves credit for attempting boldness and originality, noticeably the execution is off. Despite my reservations and qualms I would venture into her future writings.

More character and narrative development would make a remarkable difference launching this story into quite a sensation. Notable debut from a innovative author with obvious potential. Creative, certainly not praiseworthy of all the hype.

Expected publication: October 9th 2014 by Viking Juvenile (first published October 7th 2014)
Pages 384
ISBN13: 9780670785391
A copy provided in exchange for an honest review



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