Fury (The Cure #1-3) by Charlotte McConaghy



This novel was so much better than I expected it to be. It must have been fate that I read this since the premise is not something I would normally read at all. (Girl goes on murdering spree once a year but never has any recollection of it the next morning, where she is incidentally naked and bruised). Usually anything to do with murder or mystery turns me off. However this book is not a mystery book or a murder book, rather it is an amazing and thoughtful adventure that includes aspects of not only mystery and yes murder, but also intrigue and romance.

I enjoyed this book so much because in my opinion,this is a book that anyone can enjoy, no matter your favourite genre. 80% of the time I loved the heroine, which is a pretty decent percentage considering much of the crap that comes out of the YA pool. I also liked the romance, although it became increasingly frustrating near the end of the book. However I still feel that the love story was realistic if not simply for its flaws.

This book did vaguely remind me of other books that I had read, but considering how many YA Dystopian books that I have read I don’t consider this a fault of the novel.

Overall loved this book and I think this series has a ton of potential. Even without the romance aspect, it’s still intriguing enough to draw you in.

Kindle Edition, 1st, 348 pages
Published March 25th 2014 by Momentum Books, Pan Macmillan (first published March 1st 2014)

Reviewer: Dana
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4 thoughts on “Fury (The Cure #1-3) by Charlotte McConaghy

    1. Dana

      I believe I was annoyed with the romance because the lovers in question fought their feelings for each other the entire time for no worthy reason. I found that to be annoying. It’s not that I think you have to rush into the arms of your crush or the first person that smiles at you, but making something harder than it needs to be for no reason? That just baffles me. The only time fighting your feelings for someone is warranted is if 1. You’re related 2. They’re an asshole/cruel 3. You’re a spy/assassin and they are your target(and conveniently you are theirs as well)



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