Melodies (The Bianca Grey Series, #1) by Pamela Srey


Personally, I found this story refreshing. It seems just about every YA book I peruse the girls are doing anything and everything to rid themselves of their pesky virginity. My gosh I didn’t know being a virgin was such an overwhelming burden. Srey took a different path with her story and it worked for me.

I adored Bianca. She’s beautiful, intelligent and gifted and YES, she’s a virgin and she doesn’t feel like it’s a cross to bear. She’s a compelling character given her family circumstances. I enjoyed her being swept away and treated with kindness from Pete. I was their biggest cheerleader. I admire Bianca’s independence along with not allowing herself to be ruled by her first boyfriend, her dreams never put aside for her man.

What can I say about Pete but….fabulous. What girl wouldn’t want him as a first boyfriend or boyfriend period. Nice to see the playboy fall hard and a new respect for females emerges. You feel for him, his heart is wrapped around Bianca, you wonder what will happen. He’s another one that’s not just a gorgeous face and body, his talent is music. The way he writes his songs for Bianca made me swoon. Let’s face it…Pete is the total package and a romantic to boot.

Wonderful characters involved in a clever young adult romance. I am very curious to see what the next installments bring and what will ultimately happen to Bianca. A few entertaining twists and turns add a surprise element to an above average young adult romance narrative. I do believe a majority of the audience will definitely enjoy Melodies. Dramatic and arduous effort from newbie author Pamela Srey, an author I have a feeling will surprise time after time. Tender story.

Kindle Edition, 239 pages
Published 2012

Reviewer: Melinda


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