Three Little Lies by Melissa Wolff


Amber Swanson puts the pieces of her best friend’s disappearance together,

Clearly not my cup of tea, you very well might feel differently. Whatever my thoughts venture for yourself.

Love the surprise twist, very well done. Amber is a 15/16 year old, snarky, angry, defiant and a bastard child (authors words, not mine), a little more character development to further explain why she is the way she is would be nice, as it stands the reader bears the burden of why with an awful lot of assuming.

Her reaction to the horrid discovery is absolutely implausible, she would be freaked out as anyone would be stumbling upon what she did. The auspicious narrative needs heavy editing. The numerous grammatical errors deter from the reading experience. The plot is good, would be great if Amber wasn’t 16 years old but older. She vacillates from being a immature brat to acting half human, her personality is annoying, difficult to like the girl.

Weighty subject matter was addresses but sloughed off casually. A big no no in my book. If you introduce touchy topics you should resolve them properly otherwise edit/omit please.

With a more mature and developed protagonist in combination with the somewhat promising plot, this novella could pass muster to an average audience. Solid strong editing would vastly improve the entire undertaking. Clean up the heavy topics with clear resolution, messy as is. A fast pace read, in need of fine tuning.

On a side note: I am so tired of children with an unmarried parent referred to as a bastard. It’s 2015 can we please stop with the negative labeling. Do we refer to a fetus escaping abortion as ‘an almost aborted human?’ I say this as a mother to a ‘bastard child’….STOP.

Paperback, 222 pages
Published May 24th 2014 by Melissa Wolff
ISBN13: 9781499159882
Reviewer: Melinda


5 thoughts on “Three Little Lies by Melissa Wolff

  1. siamesemayhem

    Do you know what area Amber lived in? That might explain the “bastard” part. Even then, I live in a very conservative area, and I hardly ever hear children born out of wedlock referred to that way.


    1. atatteredcopy

      Amber is from NY. She is spending summer with her half sister in VA. I live in CA and I hear the term far too often. I’m sick if it and given my circumstance, understandable. Ugh. Frustrating and unnecessarily negative. My humble opinion. BTW, doesn’t exactly make my 20yo jump for joy when he hears people whispering this behind his back. Just sayin…

      Liked by 2 people

      1. siamesemayhem

        I’m really sorry to hear that. 😦 I don’t understand why people feel the need to be so unkind.

        I’m not familiar with the culture in VA, so I can’t comment. But it makes no sense to me that a girl from New York would describe herself that way unless her mother was incredibly self-hating and borderline abusive.


      2. atatteredcopy Post author

        The narrative never really explains why, there are a few bread crumbs leading to a very ambiguous trail as to why but never defined. It’s a label and a slur I rather not read or hear, unnecessary. Thank you for commenting. I love writing honest reviews 🙂 Happy New Year to you!


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