Spotlight: Bloodletting by William D. Prystauk

23365977・Published December 22nd 2014 by Edge
・Paperback, 246 pages
・ISBN: 1620155842

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Book Description:
Punk rocker and sadomasochist Denny Bowie, a “legwork guy” for a private investigation firm, is out to find the killer of five masochistic men and his childhood friend, fetish photographer Tommy Heat. He gets back with Penny Dallion, the Goth-girl of his dreams, and is enthralled by the hot and androgynous Erin Marr, his new boyfriend. While investigating Tommy’s murder, Denny discovers pictures missing from Tommy’s meticulous collection. These photos not only hold the key to the killer’s identity, but may also prove Penny’s involvement in the murders.

Embroiled in New York’s vibrant S&M subculture, Denny revisits old haunts: fetish clubs in Greenwich Village. With the killer getting closer with each passing hour, Denny’s time is running out.

Praise for Bloodletting

“If Philip Marlowe was reincarnated as a punk rock sadomasochist private eye working the mean streets of New York’s S&M subculture, his name would be Denny Bowie and this would be his story…”
Ken Vose, award-winning screenwriter of Greased Lightning and author

“What rides through this novel is Desire, and it’s Desire as we actually know it—not the desire that can be easily placated, bought off with good deeds, or bargain basement optimism or forgotten with love or put to sleep with a warm glass of milk. Here, Desire is insistent, hungry, ever present and shadowed by The Reaper.”
Ross Klavan, author of Schmuck and screenwriter of Tigerland

“A thrilling ride through kink and murder, Bloodletting will stay with you long after the last page.”
Patricia D. Eddy, bestselling author of erotic suspense

“Bloodletting is a crime novel in the vein of Silence of the Lambs….what stood out for me the most was the respect the author offered the S and M community. Unlike many other novels, where BDSM is used both for shock value and as scapegoat, Bloodletting manages to take us there and back again, respectfully and honestly.”
Jonah Bergan, author of Cricket

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 About William D. PrystaukImage
If William D. Prystauk’s name sounds familiar, you might have heard his voice on “The Last Knock” as “Billy Crash,” the insanely popular horror film podcast he hosts with Jonny Numb.

An award-winning screenwriter, filmmaker, and educator, as well as a published poet and essayist. My novel, BLOODLETTING, has been adapted from my script of the same name, which took Second Place at the Screenwriters Showcase Screenplay Contest in 2006, and was the leading piece in the mystery category.

I am an Assistant Professor of English at Kutztown University, and wish I earned enough money to afford sushi every day.


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