Daynight (Daynight, #1) by Megan Thomason


Oh man where do I start with this book? The first half was great and I was really engrossed with both the plot and the characters. The second half however is a whole’notha story. Everyone was incredibly fickle, with zero backbone, and the plot quickly turned convoluted and sick. Between the” daddies boys” love interests to the boy crazy storyline, this book ended up feeling like a bad Sci Fi version of Gossip Girl.

I am disappointed that the author wasn’t able to succeed after her great start and I find that I don’t care enough about what happens to read the next book, I just don’t think that I could stomach anymore of this sick and perverted storyline.

Paperback, 342 pages
Published November 12th 2012
ISBN13: 9781480226555

Reviewer: Dana
| Goodreads |

Recommendation: 2.5/5


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