Jumping Genres in June Giveaway Hop

BIG thank you to Val from Stuck In Books for hosting

Welcome to Jumping Genres in June Giveaway Hop!
This hop is about trying a book outside your normal genre(s).

I have TWO giveaways for you – both outside MY normal genres.

MY GIVEAWAY #1 A digital copy of Vivid by Andrea Murray for 2 lucky winners! To enter please complete the giveaway form below. Open Internationally.

MY GIVEAWAY #2 A digital copy of Forecast by Elise Stephens for 2 lucky winners! To enter please complete the giveaway form below. Open Internationally.

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About the Book

When Vivian Cartwright was five years old, she witnessed her mother’s death.

Now, sixteen-year-old Vivian only wants a normal life—hard to accomplish when you possess the power to control energy. Her entire life she has feared her power and its connection to her mother’s murder. She has kept her ability a secret from everyone except her guardian, Charlotte, who has hidden Vivian from the man responsible for her mother’s murder.

Her secret is safe until Vivian subconsciously defends herself at school using her power. After this first use of her gift in many years, Vivian’s power seems to take on a mind of its own, increasing in strength and demanding to be used. This increase in power also brings dreams of her mother’s death and the mysterious man connected with it. When she is assigned to tutor the would-be boyfriend of Trista Parmer (a.k.a. the biggest diva in school), Vivian cannot deny the electrifying connection that she feels for the boy, Easton Garrett. In her desire to get Easton away from Vivian, Trista doubles her efforts to humiliate Vivian, forcing Vivian to use her supernatural gift over and over. With each use, Vivian fears she is losing control and discovers her powers are growing—maybe too much—bringing her unknowingly closer to the man who murdered her mother.

Author Bio

Andrea Murray has been teaching English for longer than most of her students
have been alive. She lives in a very small town in Arkansas with her husband
and two children. When she isn’t watching bad science fiction movies, she
spends her time reading. In addition to The Vivid Trilogy, she has written
Omni, a young-adult dystopian novel.

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Forecast Cover
About the Book

Calvin isn’t a teenager, not really; instead, he’s spent his life
trying to protect his mother and sister from his alcoholic father. Calvin
keeps a knife close and sleeps with one eye open, even years after his
father has left the family. A summer vacation spent at their late
grandfather’s estate promises him and his sister the chance to leave their
problems behind.

Instead of blissful freedom, they find the old house harbors secrets at
every turn, like a mysterious stone door in the forest with rumored powers
to give its entrants the gift of future-seeing. When Calvin faces the return
of his seemingly-reformed father, he throws himself through the door to
receive the gift of foresight. But the door offers more doubt than
certainty, and the future he sees is riddled with disturbing confusion. With
a revenge-obsessed lawyer hunting him down and a secret society out to
control him, Calvin must figure out how to stop what he’s started before he
loses what he holds most dear.

As he battles the legacies of his past and the shadows of his future, Calvin
must accept help from unlikely sources, give trust he never thought
possible, and learn that the greatest challenges lie not in the things to
come, but in the present moment.

Author Bio

Elise Stephens received the Eugene Van Buren Prize for Fiction from the
University of Washington in 2007. Forecast is her second novel. Her first
novel Moonlight and Oranges was a quarter-finalist for the 2011 Amazon
Breakthrough Novel Award. Her short fiction has appeared in the Unusual
Stories anthology, as well as in multiple journals.
She lives in Seattle with her husband where they both enjoy swing dancing,
eating tiramisu, and taking in local live theater.

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