Book Blitz & Giveaway: Retaliation by T.L. Coulter

11695971_966655413386014_8736469684526344961_nAbout Retaliation:

Thirty years ago the United States was torn apart. When a newly divided America emerged, the new President Caesar Valence instituted the casting system. A casting ceremony is held quarterly for those who have recently turned sixteen. During the ceremony it is determined which class system each selectee will be permanently placed. Now that Caesar is dead, his son Justice has taken over as the new President. His rules have changed. Keeping order throughout America is no longer important to him. To him, it is a game.

During Clara Mitchell’s casting ceremony, she is lucky enough to be chosen to remain in the Upper Class system, or so she thought. Years later, a brutal attack rips away the one person she loves more than anything, her fiancé.

Clara’s quest for retaliation against the men responsible for her fiancé s murder thrusts her into a secret society of assassins. It is there she learns that the world she thought she knew was all a lie, and she must learn to kill or be killed.

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About T.L. Coulter:TL

T.L. Coulter is the author of the young adult series, The Arcadian Series. When T.L. Coulter is not writing, she holds down a full time job, enjoys spending time with her eight year old son, and husband of sixteen years. She enjoys living in a small mountain town in Northern Utah. She has traveled the world with some of her favorite places being Norway, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, and too many others to mention. She highly encourages everyone to get out there and explore.

T.L. Coulter loves to hear from her readers. Feel free to contact her via email

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  1. debby236

    I feel bad that I cannot enter your contest. I have reached my twitter limit and since no one follows me back I cannot follow more. Truth to tell I would not follow me either. I never tweet anything.



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