Review: Back to Bayou Sabine: A Novella by Lauren Faulkenberry


About Back to Bayou Sabine

When Enza Parker’s mother abandoned her and her father fifteen years ago, Enza abruptly stopped spending summers with her grandmother in Louisiana. Her father removed all traces of the two women from Enza’s life.

Now, thirty-one-year-old Enza is drawn back to Bayou Sabine to attend her grandmother’s funeral. In the bayou, memories surge forth, and questions about her past and her family’s intentions flood Enza’s mind. And an encounter with an enigmatic young man offers a hint of what her future may bring—if she doesn’t turn her back on her roots.

A prequel to the novel Bayou My Love, set for release March 2016.

My Review

My interest is piqued, I want to know what’s in store for Enza. She has a lot of loose threads in her life and from this delicious teaser plenty is in store for this young woman from resolving issues over her mother’s abrupt departure, to smoothing out the rough edges between her and her father, to a potential romance with or without the suited hunk at Vergie’s funeral who she’s already lustfully dreamed of, even Donita’s palm reading insight, most of all Enza coming to terms with her late grandmothers death and their estrangement. Perhaps all roads will lead back to Bayou Sabine. Great prequel to what appears to be a very exciting and interesting series, the southern setting adds mystique along with a much guarded Enza.

About Lauren Faulkenberry236761

Lauren Faulkenberry is author of the novel BAYOU MY LOVE (Velvet Morning Press, 2016), the novella BACK TO BAYOU SABINE, and the children’s book WHAT DO ANIMALS DO ON THE WEEKEND? She is a contributor to the anthology HUNGRY FOR HOME: Stories of Food from Across the Carolinas With More Than 200 Favorite Recipes.

Lauren divides her time between writing, teaching, and making artist books. Originally from South Carolina, she has worked as an archaeologist, an English teacher, and a ranger for the National Park Service. She earned her MFA in creative writing from Georgia College & State University, where she attended on fellowship, and earned her MFA in Book Arts from The University of Alabama. She was a finalist for the Novello Festival Press First Novel Award, won the Family Circle short fiction contest for her story “Beneath Our Skin,” and was nominated for an AWP Intro Award.

She currently lives in western NC, where she is at work on her next novel in the Bayou series.

Published November 23rd 2015 by Velvet Morning Press


3 thoughts on “Review: Back to Bayou Sabine: A Novella by Lauren Faulkenberry

    1. atatteredcopy Post author

      Hi Katie, what I liked best about Enza – she’s ready for change, so unafraid of what comes here way. I like that, most people are hesitant with change but not Enza, she’s more than ready no matter what. Thanks for commenting, loved YOUR books 😀

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