Review: High Country Secrets by Jane Carter


About High Country Secrets

How can you be in love with one man and violently attracted to another?

When Jessie Cranfield and Michael D’Larghi take the stage to sing together at a local fundraiser in their hometown, the last thing Jessie expects is the electricity between them. Not only has she not seen Michael for years—but her fiancé is sitting in the audience.

Michael is used to overcoming any obstacle in his path to achieve his goals. Now his goal is Jessie, the former girl-next-door from rural Cooma. But not even Michael can foresee that their attraction might uncover family secrets that could tear both their lives apart forever.

A Montague-Capulet war has nothing on the Cranfields and D’Larghis. Can Jessie and Michael risk falling in love, or is it too much for their families to bear?

My Review

Carter did a wonderful job describing Australia – from the tucked away countryside to the hustle and bustle of cities, to the snow covered mountain region. I also enjoyed her perspective of life as a farmer and cattle rancher. I

I was put off from the start, opening scene is of a couple in flagrante as her school age child naps in the vehicle. I continued reading despite my hesitation. The narrative was clunky, awkward at best. Potential lurks, possibly with stronger editing perhaps it could be salvaged. The story was also extremely predictable, I knew what was coming after the first scene. The plot felt rushed and yet in areas it dragged on. The ‘secret’ was easy to figure out. The chemistry between Michael and Jessie was well played, the fact they wrestled with their feelings added intensity and interest.

The characters lacked development, they felt wooden. Dialog and interaction was uncomfortable. The resolve between the characters was implausible and no real reasoning was explored. Secondary characters floated in and out without a defining presence.

The ending was your typical neophyte finish, a rapid happily ever after. Obviously Carter is a green author, her mistakes were common of unseasoned writers. I do believe her writing and construction will improve with time, she has the basics down, she’s simply in need to fine tuning and a capable editor.

Romance fans and happily ever after cheerleaders will find Carter’s effort pleasing. I’m rather selective pertaining to the romance genre, I adore loads of tragedy, challenges and not always a happily ever after, star crossed lovers never connecting is more my thing. The romance variety of it all works out no matter what, tied with a big fat bow at the end, not so much my taste.

About Jane Carter8153339

Jane Carter lives in Goulburn, NSW, with her husband, Richard. Raising five children, farming, and helping to run a livestock transport business kept her busy until a few years ago when the last of the children left home and she started writing. Her first book, A Dream Of Something More, was published in 2009. Although she worked in film and television before she was married, forty-four years in the country have made her passionate about rural Australia, the farmers and the townies she lives among. She loves their stud sheep, adores her grandchildren and anything at all to do with boats.

Published April 22nd 2014 by Momenttum


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