Review Policy

Review Policy

I welcome review requests from publishers, publicists, and authors, and will consider reviewing books of all genres.

Genres of Interest
Chick Lit
Young Adult
New Adult
Womens Fiction

*I prefer to pass on reviewing self-published books (books published by the author rather than an established third-party)

I post honest reviews/ratings for the books accepted, posting turn around time varies on occasion. I cannot guarantee reviews for unsolicited review copies.

Please contact me  if you are interested in having your book reviewed. A press release or summary of the book is suggested and welcomed. If I fail to respond to your request please take it as a polite ‘no thank you.’ I WILL respond if interested.


I review all books brought to my attention. I write honest, unbiased reviews regardless of the source of the book. Please realize sending a gratis review copy is not a guarantee of a positive review. I stand by my reviews and I will refuse requests for review revisions, i.e. changing a negative review into a positive one.

In addition to posts on A Tattered Copy, book reviews are occasionally cross-posted on Amazon, GoodReads, Barnes & Noble, and other book sites.


I accept EPUB, MOBI, and PDF copies of books (not a huge fan of PDF, if it is your only resource I will work with it). Of course traditional book copy is acceptable as well.


I believe giveaways promote excitement and awareness towards a book, and I am forever eager to accept requests from authors and publicists willing to sponsor a giveaway. If you want to sponsor a giveaway through my blog, I usually ask to read it first and then do a Q & A interview with the author.

An average of 10 interview questions, 5 pertaining to the book/author and 5 ‘personal’ questions (example: ‘what is on your TBR?’).


I receive free review copies of books from publishers, promoters and authors.

Receiving free books or products does not influence the honesty of a review and is not a guarantee of a positive review. I am not compensated for reviews. In the rare instance compensation is received for a review, a full disclosure will appear in the beginning and end of the post.

I willingly and freely contribute my time to reviews. Advertisers of any type will never influence the integrity, content, topics or posts made in this blog.

Please keep in mind I will make every effort to read your book, I am under no obligation to write a review.

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